Tag: Axis


  • Dark Fog

    The Dark Fog are the Imperial secret police and intelligence agency. At least some portion of the Fog, as they are commonly known, has conspired with [[:axia | Axia]] to overthrow her brother, the rightful [[Emperor]] Theodosius.


  • Annabelle

    Annabelle is a real estate mogul in Axis, the capital city. She hired the party to retrieve a book in exchange for keeping the local metallic dragons from interfering in the coming coup. She hired Mildred Mundungus the Fungus to help.

  • Axia

    Axia is the eldest child of the deceased Emperor Amulius. The Imperial Guard believe that she sent her father into hiding and killed him. His body double has been on the throne for the past 25 years under her control. Currently believed to be plotting …

  • Medhuil Rogers

    Captain Rogers has served in the Imperial Guard almost as long as [[:ambros | Ambros]], but due to different career paths ascended to captain (being stuck in a hut isn't good for one's career).